Welcome to Ibarrondo-Lamikiz Law Firm

IBARRONDO-LAMIKIZ is a Law Firm whose origins date back to January 1984, when the founders, GUILLERMO IBARRONDO ZAMAKONA y FERNANDO LAMIKIZ GARAI, started working as private multicisdiplinary attorneys, covering all kind of juridic areas that conform the legal system.

The aim of this website is to approach our office to you, so you can get to know us better and evaluate the quality of the legal services we offer.

activity areas

Commercial And Financial Law

From thecreation and incorporation of a company to its disolution and liquidation, IBARRONDO LAMIKIZ provides comprehensive legal advice on corporate and tax fields; commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, seeking of financial structures, corporate restructuring and reorganizaion, bankruptcy law, ... Special mention deserves family office and finding solutions to its inherent challenges regarding remuneration policies, elaboration of family protocol, business succession,….

Civil Law

Civil law is present in every activities of our daily live, regulating variety of areas such as the sale of a property, marriage and divorce or legacies. Our firm offers professional and personalized legal advice in each and every one of the materials that conform the Civil Law, drawing up of contracts, debt recovery, liability, prenuptials drafting, separation, divorce or annulment of marriage, legacies and gifts, etc…

Labor Law

From the time of recruitment and until the finalization of the employment relationship, IBARRONDO LAMIKIZ provides legal advice to both the company and the employee, in order to find solutions to whatever conflicts, if any, may arise throughout the employment relationship. Hiring, job layoffs, redundancy dismissal procedures, collective bargaining, industrial accidents, or labor disputes in general are just some examples of the problems that labor relations may raise. Our firm offers comprehensive assistance and advice in order to find a solution that pleases the client.

Administrative, Urbanistic Y Enviromental Law

Relations with Governmental Administrations directly affect the life of individuals and the development of enterprises. In this sense, the Administrative Law affects essential and varied aspects as public procurement, licensing and subsidies, forced expropriation, liability of public administration, etc.. Our firm provides legal services in connection with this wide range of materials, thus complementing the advice offered to companies and individuals in relation to other fields such as Commercial, Financial, Civil or Labor and ultimately raising global solutions for every client.

Criminal Law

Encompassing such diverse aspects as assistance to the detainee / accused, the filing of complaints and denunciations and the practice of private prosecution and / or popular, IBARRONDO LAMIKIZ assumes the defense of the rights and interests of their clients in all kinds of criminal proceedings, misappropriations, concealment of assets, corporate crimes, crimes caused by the use of motor vehicles, misdemeanor proceedings, ...

Sports Law

The importance of sports in economic relations is growing and as a result new legal advices are required by those subjects interacting in this area. Our firm provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary advice to athletes, sports corporations and associations on matters such as drafting and termination of contracts, disciplinary procedures, …

Procedural Law

IBARRONDO LAMIKIZ defends the interests of their clients in all types of Courts and arbitration proceedings, in every jurisdiction, civil, commercial, criminal, administrative and labor, thus completing the comprehensive service offered to its clients in all areas that conform their activity.